Happy holidays

It’s been 2 years since Niilo died and the family is carrying on.

Joan still lives at home, supported by her Fairbanks based kids. Anyone in the area is welcome to call up (in the phone book, remember those?) and visit.

Heather inherited a 14.6 acre part of the homestead and created the Heather Koponen Conservation Property. There are a handful of yaks on the property.20150919_133458_900x506

Koponen Homestead, under the guidance of LLC manager Chena Koponen Newman and the Friends of Koponen Homestead (a non-profit), is working on trails expansion on the remainder.

Sauna, though reduced in numbers, carries on every Sunday evening, administered by Alex.

Nonni and Sanni are still living on the east coast.

Grand kids:

Max is still in Boston, married last year to Sophia Snyder.  They are now expecting their first kid in April 2016.   That will be the second grandkid to report.  Ben is working for the State of Alaska in Anchorage.   Dane is still in Santa Fe going to art school. Katya and her daughter Callie moved back to Montreal from Vancouver, BC last fall.