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  1. My late father Rev. Thomas A. Moyer and me (his son) moved from Michigan to Palmer, Alaska in 1948. Dad stopped at Caribou Creek to visit Hitchcock and there seemed to be a air of secrecy which I still don’t understand. In reading Dad’s memoires Dad referenced Mrs. Hitchcock as being a “B.L. girl and has relatives near Marcellus, Michigan”. I believed the initials to refer to a geographic location and can find Bear Lake and Burt Lake as the only villages/towns in Michigan with those two letters in the name. Anyone out there have any input? I understand Ben was one of the founders of the Alaska Party (3rd political party). At one time my Dad ran for Congress of Alaska but dropped out in favour of a GOP friend. I am 83 years old and appreciate any information. Donn J. and Nancy L. Moyer or 253-394-8294

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