What’s New?

There haven’t been a lot of posts as of late. Koponen folks are plugging along.

Joan is still on the Homestead with help from the in-town kids.

Heather seems involved with her social causes and spends time in Manley and fish camp as time allows.

Alex is working on a patent for a type of knife, otherwise no longer lawyering.

Sanni is back in Ontario still.

Nonni and his partner Martine rode bikes around Lake Ontario this summer and put some PV solar collectors on their home.

Chena and Gary spent time with their kids this summer, in particular a new granddaughter of Max and Sophia. Grandkids are supposed to change one’s perspective. I suppose I can agree to that.

The Koponen Homestead trail network has gotten a first class 1.4 mile non-motorized skiing, walking, horseback riding addition above the residential parcels (lots still available). Nice News Miner article today.

I’m sort of glad that Niilo isn’t alive to experience the Trump phenomenon and its affect on the United States. It’s truly bizarre spectacle with some real serious potential consequences reminiscent of 1984, 1930’s Germany and Italy. Fear and emotion are ruling too many folks’ lizard brains.

Oh, and Heather’s yaks were sold and it appears they are now residing on a farm just up the road from Chena and me, on the other side of town. That will be nice for Joan, when she and Chena want to toodle down our road to visit the animals.