Spring starts 2012: 84 years!

Sunshine and warmth on the beautiful white soft snow…but no pussywillow buds yet!

All 5 Niilo & Joan children, plus 2 grandkids, were at Chena Ridge the week of Niilo’s 84th birthday, March 6th. We enjoyed lunch with Niilo, reminiscing over photo albums with Joan, family meals, toboganning, anagrams and other games, and a visit home by Niilo! (Unfortunately, it was not at his more-awake time of day, which is actually usually evening…)
If only out-of-town family members could have stayed longer…

Niilo has had periods of greater alertness in the past few months, seeming to understand us despite his hearing loss, and speaking a few words. Recent considerable knee pain seems to have been pretty well relieved by joint aspiration and injection of steroid. We hope the benefit lasts a long time.

Niilo also visited his dental team, who treat him so kindly. He opens wide for Chris, his long-time dental hygienist, and knows to close his lips over the suction tube for best effect.

The homestead continues to have fix-it projects, but it’s still standing after almost 60 years, whereas many commercial and other buildings that were younger have been torn down!

Best wishes for a warm and peaceful spring!


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