Joan Bowling up a Score

For the past 2-3 years Joan has been going bowling twice a week, usually with Alex, sometimes with Dane, Heather and even Chena. Today she got another 99 score!

The big news for next week is all Joan & Niilo’s children to be here for the week – and thus for Niilo’s 84th birthday. It looks like we may be able to bring him home for a visit!


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  1. Let me try to leave a comment here and hope it doesn’t get lost in the snow and ice of the Alaskan winter. I was going through Christmas notes I never responded to and found Heather’s letter and started to type a reply and send it by snail, but then saw there was a place to send greetings by the magic of the internet. Which saves me a bit of time (and the cost of a stamp).

    I was amused at Heather’s note about the staggering project of sorting 60 years accumulation of former and potential treasures. That is what I face as I try to go through sixty years of negatives and prints while I can still (usually) remember who the faces belonged to. Some famous – Norman Thomas, A.J. Muste, Bayard Rustin. Many of friends and flowers and my cats.

    It is a comfort to know that Niilo is not in pain. The photos on your website show a strong family, that can be supportive of Niilo, as we continue, each in our way, to make the world a better one. Not easy. People seem now to point to Obama as if he were the devil, because he hasn’t changed all things. I didn’t vote for him, but the problem isn’t Obama, but the system, and the addiction to war.

    March is nearly here and beyond that, at least in this area, the first touches of spring.

    We well,

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