Katya writes and we love her so….

So glad to hear grandpa is home again! I hope he gets to stay there and I hope you guys are getting lots of help. I send big hugs to all of you.


–K: D
Chena responds: Dad (Grandpa) is NOT home. He came home for his birthday but went back to the Pioneers’ Home. It is good to have him home occasionally….but reality for his day to day life is that taking care of him at home is a massive undertaking which people were happy to do for quite a while….but he really is getting better physical care at the Pioneers’ Home and in many ways it is more stimulating for him there. He does not walk anymore and rarely talks. The Pioneers’ Home has equipment (some of which the family had also purchased at home to help him) to give him the best physical care. For instance, now he can stand up with their modern things which previously the family had tried to simulate with people holding him as we were trained to do, but yikes he is a big guy and it wasn’t always easy.
The feeling that people should live at home in their latter days is honored and respected. Yet these days it might mean a (female) relation loses her own life respecting “family values.”
This family has two parents requiring almost around the clock care and several of the children have spent many years honoring and helping them.
Niilo is well cared for at the Pioneers’ Home and the family visits quite often. There are musical and other events there, and he comes home from time to time.
It is a very long journey.
We love Dad very much. Thanks Kottie for loving him too.
Thanks, Chena

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