Harry’s Hello

Terve, Koposen perhe: Give my congrats to Niilo on his 82nd! He looks more like a Scotsman than a Finn with his plaid cap in the photo. I guess you should have substituted bagpipes for a Finn accordion (or “hanuri”)for his birthday “musiikki”. He seems quite content in his daily life, especially with the love and care that surrounds him from all you folks.
I turn 84 on this Thu., Mar. 18. I had signed up for a bus trip to Reno by the North Berkeley Senior Center for March 18 and 19th, but the stinkers decided to postpone it until late April. So I’ll spend my “syntymäpäivä here in Dullsville, but will ride “over the hill” tp Reno next month. Not a gambling man, but the trip will give us $5 in cash so maybe I’ll blow it on the nickle slots. Maybe I’ll even win a $10 jackpot. Hot dawg! My best to you all, Harry

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