Will it – sniffle, sneeze – get sunny again? Tues, June 10th

Sneezes and less energy go along with clouds and rain. 

But Niilo was very glad to talk with his childhood Finnish Cooperative housing friend Lauri (pronounced lou-rie, a male name in Finnish) by telephone.  “Mita kuluu?”  What’s up?


2 replies on “Will it – sniffle, sneeze – get sunny again? Tues, June 10th”

  1. Heather: Tried to call around 6Pm last night and tonight. No one answered last night, and I expect a caregiver responded tonight. I couldn’t quite make out what she said too well as I have lousy hearing, too, but it seemed Niilo was quite tired, so I said not to disturb him as I’ll call some other time. Maybe I’ll do it Sunday. Good that he’s communicating somewhat. When you called on Mon. night I was at an Alameda Central Labor Council delegates’ meeting in Oakland. Last night I was at a meeting of our Berkeley Finnish lodge at our hall of which your dad is also a member. So I gave them an update of his condition under the report of the health and wellness committee. Kuulemiin, love, Harry

  2. You old committee member, you! Jeez, Harry, keeping it in the right part of the agenda and all…..

    What a card you are!

    Good Finn to you too, Chena

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