Brief Update

Niilo is sleeping a bit more and a little less verbal the last few days. According to Heather, this may be due to the recent introduction of Alzheimer’s drug Namenda, but it is hard to tell. Dad has been getting an Exelon patch daily for approximately a month; the Namenda is a pill which is being tried to help Dad.

During the day, he is often up at the table. If people are conversing around him, he occasionally says a thing or two. The family appreciates those friends who come up for a brief hello. We still understand, from people who have only recently heard about Dad’s difficulties, that we haven’t reached out to many of Dad’s friends. Often it is hard to know who to call to let them know. Readers of this site are encouraged to spread the word. You can also see the “about” post for further contact info.

Heather is trying to get back to some hours at work this week. Marilyn and Dot, hired caregivers at the house, each come some hours some days. Chena comes in most days mid-morning until some time in the afternoon. Heather lives there and coordinates care and household work, as well as doing much of it herself. Alex is in and out. Mom is doing OK, but we realize we are not doing a whole lot with her recently and we do appreciate Mom’s friends who drop in to say hello to her too.

And it looks like a beautiful day! The sun is out, the trees are green, and just think of that fabulous view from the homestead on out into the valley & to the mountains beyond….Chena

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  1. Hi, Heather, Chena, Niilo and Joan, It’s been another glorious day. I was glad to get out in the garden just a bit, and weed the first carrot seedlings. Glad Niilo has stabilized, glad Heather can work for pay a bit. I’ll be thinking of you and your glorious view as I kayak the upper Gulkana this weekend. Love, June

  2. Dad became more verbal this evening, telling my son Dane that he was untangling the telephone cord (actually Joan’s yarn) and best wishes. To bed at 8 pm, he wanted to watch a movie and later told me with good spirit that it is “Thoroughly Confusing”.

  3. Yes, another one of his interesting comments today was when looking at the book “Rise Up Singing,” he said to me that “it’s all about lifting songs.” He wanted me to sing, but that was difficult for me this morning.
    Then Diane came to give him a massage just as Jim and Larry came to visit–my bad, as Jim HAD called in advance–and massage has always put Dad in eyes down, tune out the world mode. So Jim and Larry regaled Joan & Chena with stories throughout the massage and quite a while after. Just as they were getting ready to leave, Dad started coming to. He was attentive during lunch, somewhat talkative in the afternoon (and enjoyed a long call from Nonni), with comments from Dad sprinkled throughout. Later he gave me some advice, which I think was that he thought it was good for kids to spread far and wide, get jobs, pursue their interests.

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