Niilo moves to rm 201; 1950s friends gather

As winter has finally arrived in interior Alaska, with snow staying just the past 2 weeks, Niilo and Joan continue in stable health.
To accommodate a new resident couple needing adjoining rooms at the Pioneers Home, Niilo moved yesterday to room 201, across from the Aurora wing entrance. His room has nice wallpaper and staff did a nice job hanging up all his pictures in and outside his room. Joan continues living at home on Chena Ridge.
In September, Joan rode the rails to Denali Park with Heather & Rob along for a day. She enjoyed the rich red, yellow, and green scenery, games, the museum, and delicious meals. Too bad Niilo couldn’t join us!
Also in September, prompted by the visit of Ben & Evelyn Zeller, former next-door neighbors, a potluck & singing party was held at Koponens, with old friends from the 1950s. Since only a portion of “songs To Be Sung In Case of Emergency” were sung, it must not have been a true emergency, but folks enjoyed catching up and remembering.

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  1. Heather, thank you for the lovely card and for showing me this blog!! It reminds me so much of the journal that was kept on the dining room table. It’s been about 15 years since I left Alaska and reading this makes me feel like I haven’t missed a beat. Love to you and Joan and the rest of your family. I am just one of many many people who loved Niilo. I am forever grateful for the few years I spent helping Joan and spending time with your parents.

    • Hi Heather D,
      A Fbks friend of yours asked me to have you get in touch. Can you call me with your contact info (other than facebook)? Thanks.
      Heather K. 907-479-0981

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