2013 New Year Greetings

                   Happy New Year Family and Friends

Joan notes she is making a new dish from the Cooking For Two cookbook she was recently given, using apples, carrots, onion, and maple syrup:  “Almost anything with maple syrup improves it!”

She is also knitting a scarf.  Amongst the important things in life are watching birds at the feeder outside the window, seeing moose outside, being where she knows where things are, playing cards with family and “occasional other masochists,” reading, and galavanting off to movies or a friend’s house, to visit Niilo, or to a restaurant.  Bowling regularly with Alex is a good excuse to get out – and she even beats him sometimes!

Niilo continues his deep or mysterious thinking at the Pioneers Home where they have the amenities that make life possible.  He occasionally utters a word or two but it seems articulation is elusive.

Chena, Heather, and Alex enjoy time with Joan and with Niilo.  Nonni and Sanni visited in spring & fall and spent much time tromping around the homestead.  Grandkids Dane and Ben were ‘home’ for Christmas.

The staggering project of sorting 60 years accumulation of former and potential treasures goes on…and on…with the unearthing of amazing and sometimes delightful finds. No gold yet though…

Good to have heard from some of you!

We hope you have a wonderful 2013!

Joan and Heather

2 replies on “2013 New Year Greetings”

  1. Larry Irving says:

    Hi Niilo & Joan & all
    We are in Florida until late April. We’ll miss the moose in the yard, have to make do with alligators.
    Larry and Kathy Irving

    • Heather says:

      Hi Larry and Kathy,
      So you ended up leaving right after the coldest weather. I will tell Niilo hello from you.
      Please plan on a singing reunion of old Chena Ridgers when you return! Heather

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