Robin likes NK office

The robin was totally convinced that Niilo’s office would be the most desirable place to nest, so for a week it kept trying to get in the window.

It would fly up to the window and scratch to get in, attempting all corners and trim, then retreat temporarily to a nearby branch before trying again.  I thought it might be attracted to the knickknacks in the windowsill, which include a squirrel tail in a Fejes-made unique pencil-holder and small bird statue.  But blocking the window on the inside did not dissuade the bird.  Nor did netting on the outside – in fact, the robin got tangled trying to get beyond the web. Finally, a few days after the window was completely boarded over on the outside, the robin began to look elsewhere for its new home.  I wonder if it is that one and its mate that seem to chase each other about the crabapple tree.

Niilo recently had the quickest-ever dental work: 2 small fillings in 10 minutes.  He laughed in response to Dr. Teel’s hello.  He also seemed to get some few days relief of the tight muscles that keep his head drooped forward, thanks to excellent massage therapy. Dick and Heather rub his head and neck, but we are not trained.

Joan planted lots of seeds and now has the greenhouse full with tomato and seedlings for transplanting for garden and decoration, but it frosted last night, so they won’t go out just yet.


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  1. Chena Koponen Newman says:

    It is reported that sometimes birds see their reflection in the window and believe it to be a rival. Male robins supposedly want to dissuade the intruder, while the female is nesting. Looks like a lot of robins in our area this year. But no guys pecking at my windows!
    My dental hygienist told me she saw you and Dad at the office: Sue remembers Dad as a marvelous conversationalist. Dad always liked Dr. Teel with that Scandinavian connection.

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