50+ years ago…revisited

What a delightful visit from the gal next door. Actually, Wanda (nee Brown) lived next door for a few years before and after she was born, in the 1950s, before her family of 8 moved south in Alaska. The cabin next door is still called “the Browns’ House.” She and husband Bob have lived in Kodiak the past 22 years.

They visited the homestead with daughter Myra last night, looked at old photos reminiscing old times, and discovered various mutual friendships, including neighbor John, who joined Joan along with Chena, Heather, Alex, Gary, and Rob.
There was excitement and laughter, concluding with a visit to the cabin Wanda’s parents built and a tour of the Joan & Niilo’s.

It was unfortunate that Niilo couldn’t take part in the reminiscing; He has unfortunately been unable to transfer to a car for the past few months. Hearing this, some Quakers have started joining him to meet in silent worship some Monday evenings at 7:30 or 8 pm at the Pioneers Home.


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