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2010/06/18 at 6:48 pm

I remember one night back in around 1980 when Niilo read me some of the poems he had written, and I recall thinking this man was a real poet — the poems were very good! I know Niilo is in a safe place now at the Pioneers home. I read the newsletter and understand Niilo doesn’t walk and rarely speaks. I found a book in my stock of old Finnish tales. Would this be something that he could listen to, if read aloud? Apologies for not being up to date on things, from down here in Oregon. Received one newsletter and would like to receive more. And Joan, how are you? Chena, Gary, Heather (Dane, whom I’ve never met) and everyone else, life down in Oregon is good. I just turned 60 and had a two-week celebration. My wife Lisa is a Shakespearian/Zen Buddhist/Marathoner, and me, I’m a bookseller, poet, husband and father who loves to walk, bicycle, read, eat breakfast out, and navigate the seas of quiet and not-so quiet joy and suffering as they present themselves. My son Charles, who lives in Seattle and works at an Apple Store, is 27, an avowed introvert, a loving son. You Koponens made my two stints in Fairbanks — 1975-1976, and 1980-1981 very rich and family-feeling. It was good to know you all, as little or as much as I did – the books the sauna the fellowship all touched me deeply. I wish you all strength and patience and humor, for you are living out the edict once written of by Lawrence Durrell in The Alexandria Quartet: “The young climb up the old, and then the old climb down the young. Don’t take guff from anyone who isn’t there to walk the walk, your love and bravery are evident, even 2500 miles away! Onward. from Ezra (Art) Tishman

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  1. Bob Shalit says:

    hey Art – glad to hear you’re well – I left a comment to Heather on the website after stumbling onto it just now – Fairbanks has always held an infinitely rich room in my heart…glad you’re still writing/reading poetry.

    Bob Shalit

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