Ice Cream Socials and Singing

The Fairbanks Pioneers Home hosts an Ice Cream Social for residents and guests every Saturday evening, usually accompanied by some singing and occasionally other diversion as well. It is a popular activity in which Niilo and Joan have been participating ever since we found out about it a month or two ago.

Joan and Heather join Niilo for supper at the Home before the Ice Cream Social. The main dining hall is spacious and cheerful, with tables for 4-6, seasonal decoration, a magnificent large painting of walruses, and window views of crabapple trees. We usually converse with some others there as well.

After supper, we go to a table where there are jigsaw puzzles and Joan works on one of these while I find newspaper articles that might be interesting to Niilo & Joan. Niilo usually watches and listens, only occasionally lending a hand or a comment.

The Ice Cream Social in the Home’s library is usually at 7 pm. Activities Coordinator Jessica and volunteers serve a choice of rootbeer float or vanilla ice cream with toppings. And there is some singing. Tonight it was led by a delightful couple, 74 & 85 years old and still wonderfully musical, playing guitars and harmonica. Joan joined in on most songs, including a couple I had never heard before and she doesn’t think she has sung since she was a schoolgirl.

We have had only a third the average snowfall for this time of year, and it’s fairly mild out: zero to -10F.


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