Pioneers Home Rm 229

Tuesday was the big day for Niilo: He moved to the Fairbanks Pioneers Home, where he is now situated at the very end of the longest corridor in Aurora wing, in Room 229.

Visiting hours are 7 am to 8 pm. Sign in near the front desk as a visitor and ask at the office for directions. Please also sign Niilo’s guest book. There is actually a northeastern Aurora entrance to enter closer to his room, but some of us enjoy the historic and wildlife pictures and the exercise taking the longer route.

Niilo appreciates slow, listening conversation, strolling in his wheelchair looking at and discussing the pictures on the walls, having poetry or a little news read to him, shoulder massages, or just having someone sit with him holding his hand in silent meditation.

Joan is doing well with Niilo’s move, and has visited and eaten with him 3 times already. Guests can eat with him in the main dining hall (bigger, and with abler residents) or in Aurora – talk to Niilo’s Aide or nurse or kitchen staff.

Joan’s adjustment to Niilo’s absence includes family and helper Nancy being able to do more with her, including driving down to see Niilo, being home alone more again, and using the older kitchen/dining area more again. (Since Niilo stopped being able to negotiate stairs a year ago, family meals had been in the wheelchair-accessible remodeled former “upstairs barn” that stored the year’s supply of hay for years.)

Spring is probably a good time for this move to have come; brighter days and the approaching outdoors weather and activities should help with the emotional adjustment.

Any messages to Niilo (via mail, phone, or email) will be read to him.

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  1. Hi folks: looks like the move to Pioneer has been successful, although it’s provided a radical change in all your lives. Hope he takes well to his new surroundings. Give all my heartiest “terveiset” to him when you see him. Moi, Harry

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