Barbecue, Parade, Quilt, Dentist

Bagpipes, jigs, friends, family, and delicious food were some of the things brought together by the Pioneers Home last week one merry evening. Old friends not formerly seen for years were Hitchcock clan women, Barry Corell, and others.

Then 2 days later, the Golden Days Parade, with front row seats by the river – very picturesque. Mom noted that there were many cars (and several fire engines and tractors) but only One horse! Also unicyclists big-front-wheeled bicyclists, many dogs, numerous Fairbanks groups of which I had formerly been ignorant, and the usual Golden Days suspects. And various old friends came up to say hello to Joan & Niilo: Great to see Larry Irving, Jim Johnson, and Pat Kalen. And Pioneers Home staff helped everyone be comfortable by supplying juices, hats, & sunglasses.

Niilo & Joan were recently given a special quilt DeVonne made for them, featuring trains & horses of course! DeVonne has been wonderful. She visits Niilo frequently, taking him for strolls and bringing train books to discuss with him.

Not as fun, Niilo went to the dentist today. But that actually went fine too. Dr. Miears crew are very experienced with the blend of gentleness and proficiency especially important for people with special needs. Niilo agrees to go back for a cleaning in a couple of months.

The continued warm, dry, smokey weather we’ve been having is at unhealthy levels, but neither Niilo nor Joan seem to be bothered by it. And the garden is doing very well. Peas are Joan’s delight tonight!


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