It’s All Relative

Tervehdys Suomesta,

Koposet society is going to have annual meeting this weekend near Jyväskylä. We have published books about Koponen families covering them from 1600 until 1860. We are collecting now information after 1860.
I noticed that Niilo is born 1902, an I wonder if You have the information about his family before that, so we could try to link him to our book.
I used to work with Jari Ailio and he gave me information on Your family.

All the best wishes to Niilo and all,
Ahti Koponen

2008/07/14 at 9:17 PM

NOTE FROM CHENA:  Niilo of this blog was born in 1928, not 1902.  His father, Niilo William Koponen was born in Riihimaki, Finland on October 28, 1902.  Best wishes to Jari, Dad’s first cousin in Finland.  He is Niilo Emil Koponen’s mother’s nephew, and the families have all too rarely visited each other.

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