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Niilo Koponen legislative papers 1982-1992

I was putting together some background for Niilo’s memorial upcoming Jan. 5 and ran across a listing of his legislative papers donated to the Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska. The sheer quantity and breadth of subject matter demonstrates Niilo’s ability to absorb and be involved in so much during his time in the Alaska Legislature. It was in his nature to always be learning and trying to promote his values of community and social good. Sadly, such a person would have a hard time getting elected in Fairbanks, Alaska these days. He was truly special.

Neighborhood Horses and Mule

Who would have thought horses like mint?
That is the flavor of the treats Joan and Heather were provided to give neighbor horses of Cindie and Lauren – and the mule boarding with them.

It was a very brisk day, the kind that makes horses’ fur stand out with each hair frosted lightly at the ends, and breath billowing in the cold. So after brief petting and treats, the 2-legged company retreated to the heated tack room to discuss feed, water, tack, trails, rodent damage, and so forth. Nice to get to know some of the animals who leave their hoofprints on the local trails! And nice to get to know their people, our neighbors!