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  1. Hi Max and all of the Koponen Family,
    My Dad, Wes Frost, was one of the gang that drove to Alaska together. My understanding was that the car that they drove in was an old hearse. The rich tapestry of stories that I grew up on, of Alaska and of Niilo brought me (with Martha whom I subsequently married) to Anchorage and then to Fairbanks in 1978, where Joan and Niilo showed us wonderful hospitality (including, of course, the sauna and rainbarrel). They kept our dog Aurora (a husky/wolf mix) for 6 months during a sojourn to Hawaii which kept her out of quarantine. My Dad is now 87, and does not remember any of those stories, but I will tell him of Niilo’s death, and know that he will somehow understand, and mourn his loss with Martha and me.
    With condolences, and much love and fondness,
    Rainer Frost

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