Harvesting Into November — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Joan, Heather, Dane, Chena and Family, Alex and clan…

    You Koponens may or may not already know from my silent Oregonian mutterings that we’re having our big annual Fundraiser/Silent Auction for BOOKS TO THE PEOPLE on Sunday November 18th at Cozmic Pizza in Eugene from 6-9 pm. We need folks to buy tickets ($15-$25 Sliding Scale). There’ll be yummy food, a couple of great bands, and all for a worthy charity — putting books in people’s hands. I know it’s a bit of a haul from FBKS outside, But you and your closemosts, if not able to actually attend could be helping keep the big blue bus’s wheels rolling and her FREE books flowing forth from (drumroll) GERTIE THE BOOKBUS by simply yacking up Books To The People amongst friends or colleagues AND if you or anyone you know does Facebook, could you and/or they kindly “go” to BOOKS TO THE PEOPLE and LIKE us? Thanks a million!

    Art (Ezra) Tishman 541 520-9821

    BOOKS TO THE PEOPLE 501c3 nonnprofit corporation.

    www. or on FACEBOOL

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  2. Shameless Replies:

    Apologies, Chena.
    Though I do make a distinction between nonprofits and the after-profit-at-any-cost. I hate being invaded or marketed to, unsolicited,
    and I apologize for the boundary-crossing. Was so caught up in asking people just to go to their Facebook page and say a good thing about us, that I never even considered it would be such a violation.

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